Dining Room Table and Chairs with Various Styles

Table and chairs on dining room usually come together in single package. You can find many designs, styles, and material for dining room table and chairs. The most popular product is always wooden-based dining room set. Wood has several advantages that put on the top list of material for furniture, especially table and chairs. Furniture on dining room should be practical, high durability, and good looking. Of course, everything depends on style that applied on dining room. Several designs of table and chairs are eligible to put on dining room.

teak dining table

The most common model is rectangle style. You can find this kind of table in many stores from local to online store. Having common style does not mean lack of improvement or distinction. Manufacturers and designers work together to bring utmost design for dining room table and chairs. Simple table has rectangular design as tabletop and four stands on each corner. To add more artistic accent, the table uses dark color that resembles old tone of wood. Meanwhile, the chairs have similar design and style with wood and dark color. The material is also similar with some additional patterns to give impressive and artistic side. Single table is normally for four to six chairs.

Some people have big house and dining room, so the table will be larger and longer. The design is still rectangle but with more capacities. The countertop is long and some pillars are installed at corners and the edge of table. Capacity for chairs is more than six people; even reach twenty for big meal session. Dining room with classic style is suitable for this kind of table. Outer side of table uses teak dining chairs with expressive pattern. With this furniture, the room looks like classic palace or castle.

Another design for dining room table is round style for tabletop. It is different from rectangle because you can put chairs without much gap between and others. Round table is versatile to put in any dining room style. For example, you can enjoy dinner with this table in just small room. Moreover, round table is familiar when visiting formal and big event. This table is common on restaurants that are also applicable for home. One reason to use round table is various pillars. For chairs, the design is similar to table, but dining room chair may use different style to improve the artistic aspect. Therefore, dining room table and chairs will make the room looks elegant and practical at the same time.

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